repairing some window sills

It’s been a balmy few days here in Wales. Luckily, I’ve been working outside correcting about 120 window sills on a house. Every sill needed raising up by 6mm. It’s not making hand-crafted furniture, but I’m happy to this sort of work. Here are before and after photos, as well as a view from the house…

oak dining table spruced up

I was asked to freshen-up a 30 year old dining table and chairs. They were hand made from oak by a local cabinet maker and the finish was looking a bit tired. The first job was to sand and scrape off all the old lacquer. Here’s a bit of one of the chairs showing a bit still with lacquer, and a bit without.Once all the old finish had been removed I sanded everything down to a smooth finish before applying three fresh coats of oil. I chose Liberon finishing oil. It gives an excellent finish, is easy to apply and is durable. Here’s the finished table top. The oak now has a wonderfully natural patina and contrasts in the grain colours are enhanced beautifully. You can clearly see the fantastic medullary ray patterns in the grain. I think this project is a good example of the value of quality made furniture. After 30 years of use, a quick freshen-up gives a much loved piece a whole new lease of