moon screen

I’ve made some screens to cover a bedroom alcove in a new house.moon screenThe house is by the sea, near Ramsey on the Isle of Man. I took some photos while I was there earlier this year and based the screen colours on a photo I took of a local beach. Dhoon BayI used 3 veneers to create the design. The dark wood is fumed oak. Fumed oak is made by exposing regular oak to amonia fumes until it turns to a dark shade. The light coloured veneer is poplar burr, and the the grey is a re-constituted veneer made by Alpi.raw materials

dresser progress

Here are photos of the dresser in it’s current state. I’ve dovetailed the drawers and started on the door frames.Here is a close-up of a dovetail drawer carcass. The dovetails are stopped so that the ends of the tails don’t show on the drawer front.And here are the components of the drawer laid out before I glued them together.

oak kitchen dresser

I’m making a kitchen dresser out of solid oak. Here’s a sketch of it… and here’s the oak…I’ve written about planing, thicknessing and rough dimensioning in previous posts, so here is the carcass put together without glue. (dry fit)Once I’ve sanded all the panels I’m going to coat them with a shellac-based sanding sealer before glueing. I’ll then make all the door frames and dovetail the drawers. Stay tuned…

oak dining table spruced up

I was asked to freshen-up a 30 year old dining table and chairs. They were hand made from oak by a local cabinet maker and the finish was looking a bit tired. The first job was to sand and scrape off all the old lacquer. Here’s a bit of one of the chairs showing a bit still with lacquer, and a bit without.Once all the old finish had been removed I sanded everything down to a smooth finish before applying three fresh coats of oil. I chose Liberon finishing oil. It gives an excellent finish, is easy to apply and is durable. Here’s the finished table top. The oak now has a wonderfully natural patina and contrasts in the grain colours are enhanced beautifully. You can clearly see the fantastic medullary ray patterns in the grain. I think this project is a good example of the value of quality made furniture. After 30 years of use, a quick freshen-up gives a much loved piece a whole new lease of