hexagonal memorial bench

I was asked to make a memorial bench for Christ College in Brecon, UK. memorial benchIt was to match an existing hexagonal bench alongside it. When the school saw my version, the ground staff were asked to give the finish of the original a “refresh”.

bench closerI chose to make it from sweet chestnut, which is stable and durable for outdoor use. I left the wood without any finish, so it will turn a beautiful silver/grey over the years. The carving on the back rails reads “you’ll never walk alone”, in memory of a pupil who was a Liverpool FC fan. The tree in the middle is a red-leaf acer, to reflect the famous Liverpool kit. The letters were hand cut by expert letter carver Rupert King. Here he is in his workshop.

Rupert King


3 thoughts on “hexagonal memorial bench

  1. The seat looks really good particularly in that setting. I’m intrigued to know how you get it in position. Do you make it up on the site

    From Chris Vulliamy’s iPad


    1. Hi Chris. That’s a good question. I would have liked to have glued it up completely in the workshop, and then lifted it over the small tree. However, the complete bench wouldn’t have fitted in my van. I delivered it in 2 halves, and glued it up in place around the tree.

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