chests of drawers

I’m making 3 chests of drawers for a kitchen, with the following 2 designs…chest of drawers 2

chest of drawers 1I’ve selected the species of wood. The pale ones are ripple ash and aspen. The darker ones are plum and cherry.

Both designs are based on the same grid, so I stared by drawing this out full size.grid and compasses

I then had to decide on the direction of the grain for each piece by doing a rough sketch.

grain directionThere are many ways to cut veneer. The curves on both designs all have the same radius, so I bought a gouge with a curve that is near to what I need and roll it around the curve to get it as close as possible.cutting veneerI gradually piece the pattern together with veneer tape to form a patchwork.veneer tape This is how it looks underneath…taking

2 thoughts on “chests of drawers

  1. Gosh – such beauty! We are currently in the process of having to specify a new kitchen for a brand new build… we’ll have to put in something before we move in but I’d love to be able to add some of your furniture… though I’m a bit worried that with all that work one cabinet will cost as much as the rest of the kitchen!

    1. Thanks for your kind comments, Caroline. I really appreciate it. As for your kitchen, It’s true that these particular chests-of-drawers are high-end pieces. However I can design and make things that cost less but still have quality and beauty. I’d be happy to talk about what you’re after. Best wishes, Dan.

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