hanging wall cabinets invisibly

I’m coming to the end of a job that requires nearly 4 metres in length of wall cabinets to be hung. the difficulty is that the cabinets themselves are fairly heavy, but they also need to carry a 40mm thick solid slate worktop. All this needs to be attached to a hollow studded wall without any support from underneath, and just to make it more difficult the whole construction is quite low on the wall – the perfect heigh for someone to sit down on.

After much consultation with my customer and my friend Noel, we settled upon fixing a steel hanging rail on the wall with a combination of chemical and mechanical anchors drilled into the stone work behind the stud wall.

Here’s Noel drilling the holes for the through bolts. These will secure the steel rail in place.

the cabinets are attached to the rail with these catches spread along the whole structure.

Here’s the whole piece attached without the top…

… and here I am showing that it works.


One thought on “hanging wall cabinets invisibly

  1. Ingenious – I’ve got the same problem and will crib this idea – thanks Daniel

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