I’m fixing a hole…

I’ve managed to veneer all the surfaces of the watch case. There were many holes and small nicks in the veneer, some of which I was able to repair with matching veneer pieces. The hole in this photo is a natural hole in the wood, so I chose to fill it with different shades of wax filler.

I simply rubbed the wax filler crayon over the hole until it was completely full.

Then I smoothed it off with a cabinet scraper and sand paper.

Here’s the outside of the case with all the holes repaired. Not long to go now until the whole box is finished!


7 thoughts on “I’m fixing a hole…

    1. Ah, I see. The difficulty will be to find one that has an overall diameter less than 25mm, the thickness of the lid. I could either get one custom made, or what do you reckon to this…?


      I had a quick mess about making some wooden tabs to go on the front, but they all looked a bit naff. I think the case needs something that is contemporary looking, made of brass and that won’t interfere with the overall form. Alternatively, I could simply cut a notch in the front, like I did with jewellery box I made for Tracey.

      As for the watch holders, if you’re happy with velvet cushions then let’s just go for that. They seem cheap enough to try them out.

      Whilst you’re on the Brusso site have a look at the box feet too. It will need something, but a suede border on the base would also do the job nicely.

      Perhaps we should talk on Skype about all this. Let me know when you’re about.

  1. I really like the line of the box, so I am all for you cutting a notch just as you did for Tracey’s. Yes, let’s go with velvet cushions. And let’s go for suede on the base as I think it will protect the table better.

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