invisible bed bolts

I’m making two double beds out of ash. I need to be able to take them apart to deliver them. Here’s a photo of one of the back legs with the side rail attached.I’m using my Festool Domino jointer to dowel joint the legs and side rails.The dominos guide the rails into the correct position on the leg, and also provide support strength. I’m going to pull the joint together with a nut and bolt, but I don’t want it seen from the front. Firstly I drilled a hole into the end of the rail for the bolt to go into. It’s important that this is perpendicular to the end face. I use this little drill jig to make the hole as accurately as I can.I can then transfer the position of the hole to the leg using this centre marker. It’s diameter is the same as the hole I’ve just drilled.Here it is in place. I just push the leg against it to get the centre mark I need,
Once I’ve drilled the corresponding hole in the leg I screw in the bolt head using a hex key.I then screw in the bolt, which is actually a threaded bar, into the bolt head and push the joint together. I’ve drilled a larger hole part of the way through the inside of the rail to reveal the hold I drilled earlier that the bolt sits in. You can see the half-moon washer inside the larger hole with a nut to pull the whole joint

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