commissioning a jewellery box

I’m going to describe an up-coming project so that I can blog about the design and commissioning process.

The client is a good friend of mine, but it is none-the-less a genuine project that needs to be…

  1. fit for purpose
  2. aesthetically pleasing
  3. within a budget (yet to be decided).

Mark collects a specific type of Omega ‘Contsellation’ watch and would like me to make a box to keep them in. I thought I’d start by looking at the design features of this type of watch. They all have a distinctive square/round face, and the metal wrist band is integrated into the watch itself. Here’s an example of one…

There is also the Omega Ω symbol. Another design feature is etched into the back…

With all this in mind, here is a sketch of my initial idea…I’ve copied and pasted the emails we sent to each other below.

Hi Mark
What do you think to this? No idea how your watches would sit inside yet, but just getting the ball rolling…

Love this, Dan! 

The shape is fantastic and I really like the dark detailing of the rounded square, the classic light burl wood and the constellation logo is a brilliant idea.

I think internally it will have to include the traditionally compartments and cushions, simply to keep the watches from dinging and scratching each other.

I think the logo would look brilliant on a lid. On top or maybe as you open it on the upper inside?

Again the overall shape really works for me and is something I’ve not seen before. I like the chunky look.

What are your thoughts?

I’ll keep our progress updated on this blog. I hope it will be an interesting example of what goes into a piece of work before the actual making starts.

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