veneer screens

I’m making some veneered screens to cover 3 alcoves in a new house. Here’s a sketch of the designs. They are about 2 metres high and 1.8 metres wide made up of 4 panels 450mm wide.

I’m going to use walnut veneer for the “ray” shapes. Each ray is made up from up to 5 strips of veneer that are 100mm wide each. The first job is to trim the edges of each strip and tape them together to make 1 large piece.

I sandwich the veneer strips between 2 long pieces of plywood with an aluminium strip set in as a straight edge. At the end of the orange cutter there is a bearing, set to run along the aluminium edge and cut a straight line. I can then tape them together.

The veneer above is makore. I’m using it on the reverse of the screen panels. The stunning veneer below is poplar burr. This will be for the circular “sun” sections.

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