cutting mortice and tenon joints

I’ve spent the last few days cutting 28 mortice and tenon joints for the oak settle.I marked up the leg and frame components and then the mortices are cut using the morticer.

It’s vital that time is taken to get the mortices in exactly the same position on each rail. I also routed a groove in the rails to receive the edges of the panels.

I cut the tenon cheeks on the bandsaw. In this instance the thickness of the tenon is the same as the width of the groove.

In this photo you can just see where I’ve scored a line to mark the tenon shoulder. There’s one on the other end, and again it’s important that they are marked exactly the same distance apart on each component.

I placed a chisel in the shoulder mark and use the square the make sure it will cut at right angle to the face of the component.

The fit should be nice and snug.

Here’s the back panel. You can see all the stiles (the shorter vertical pieces) fitting cleanly, and at right angles to the rails (the longer horizontal pieces)

Here is a dry fit (no glue) with the legs in place.

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