see Bowden’s box!

The oak settle and new website ( are going well. Meanwhile, here’s a photo of a simple box I made for a friend’s 40th birthday last year. The box itself is made from  oak, and the lid is rosewood. The lid is nice and chunky, and just sits in place without hinges. The bevels and the finger notch give a softer look to the whole thing, and makes the wood look really beautiful.

2 thoughts on “see Bowden’s box!

  1. Thanks for putting this picture up, Dan. I love the box. It really was a great, great gift. The super chunky lid reminds me of a slab of Yorkie Bar chocolate that drops into place with German/Swiss precision. Sometimes I walk past the box and just pick up the lid and place it back again, simply for the satisfying feel and sound of it all–I kid you not. I had thought originally I would use it as a kitchen box, but then I put it on my dressing table and it looks so fantastic there… so now it contains cuff-links, collar stays and tie-pins instead of Cardamom Pods.

    I’m looking forward to commissioning the watch case we talked about in London. Just waiting to see if I might add another couple of watches to the collection before we finalize the specs together…

    1. Thanks for this, Mark. I think you’ve described beautifully the value of having bespoke work. When I designed and made the box I made choices that I felt would suit your taste. Wood is such tactile stuff and I knew you’d enjoy holding a big old slab of it! I was mindful of making it to a budget too (mine in this case, as it was a gift). I’m very happy with how it turned out, and delighted that you’re still enjoying it.


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